Welcome to this episode of the Why We Travel Podcast. In this episode, we talk with Justin Walter, a regular travel expert for KTLA, the #1 news program in Los Angeles, about a little paradise called Marquesas Islands.

Justin is a regular travel expert for KTLA, the #1 news program in Los Angeles, the #2 TV market in the US. He also hosts Explore This on BeondTV which is distributed on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and CA TV outlets. His hosting also includes LA travel shows Let’s Go LA!, Get Out!, Metro Motion, his digital series Around The World in 80 Seconds and the good news talk show What’s Good?!. With a passion for game shows, Justin hosted seven seasons of the Survivor After Show and owns a small company called Reality Rush that runs full scale game show events for clients.

Justin also works as a travel content creator for global brands, tourism boards and companies through his blog Around The World with Justin, social media, Orbitz and Uproxx. Additionally, he has 15+ years experience working as a TV producer, most recently as Co-Executive Producer for Discovery’s Shark Week and previously for Travel Channel, NBC, FOX, Amazon and Facebook.

Most importantly, Justin is passionate about adventure travel and sharing it through compelling storytelling. Over the past 17+ years he has backpacked around the world, often by himself, seeking thrills and extreme outdoor adventure.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Where are Marquesas islands?
  • How to get there? What’s the local language?
  • How the South Pacific Islands are in reality?
  • Why should you stay at a local AirBnb over a hotel?
  • And more

Links & Resources

Website: http://aroundtheworldwithjustin.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/atwjustin
Facebook: http://facebook.com/atwjustin
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/atwjustin
Twitter: http://twitter.com/atwjustin


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