Welcome to this episode of the Why We Travel Podcast. In this episode, we talk with Faustina about travel and working remotely.

We talk about:

  • Why Faustina did decide to become a digital nomad after college
  • How YouTubers Damon and Jo did inspire Faustina’s passion for travel
  • The realities of digital nomad life, including the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How studying abroad in Spain did influence Faustina’s decision to pursue remote work
  • What factors Faustina considers when choosing which countries to visit
  • How Faustina does set up her day-to-day life, including accommodation and work schedule, in new locations
  • Strategies Faustina uses to connect with other digital nomads and locals
  • Faustina’s travel hacks for finding affordable flights and accommodations
  • How Faustina handles challenges like illness and unexpected events while traveling
  • Advice for aspiring digital nomads and remote workers

About our guest: Marketing specialist and travel enthusiast, Faustina Mulnik is a wordsmith by trade and a globetrotter by nature, putting the ‘ad’ in adventure. She studied abroad in Granada, Spain, in spring 2020 but had to return early due to COVID-19, catching the last flight out of Spain. After graduating college, she landed a remote job and began traveling. Faustina has spent 5 months in Mexico, and 1 month each in Argentina, Spain, and Italy. Now, she is on her way to Guatemala.

You can learn more about Faustina at https://faustinarose.blogspot.com/

Also find her on https://www.instagram.com/__faustinarose/ and https://tiktok.com/@faustinarose

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