Press Release: The Why We Travel Podcast - a Unique Platform for Travel Enthusiasts


The Why We Travel Podcast Offers a Unique Platform for Travel Enthusiasts and Expats to Share their Travel Experiences With Others
Whether it's a hobby or a profession, traveling is something that many people love to do and the Why We Travel Podcast allows travelers to share their experiences with a community of like-minded people.

There are so many reasons why people travel. Some people travel as a hobby, others travel because they want to see new places, meet people from other parts of the world, go for their honeymoon or anniversary, experience new cultures, learn a language, get content for their travel website/blog, go on a vacation, and much more. The list of reasons why people travel is endless and inexhaustible. One thing that is common among travelers, whether or not they are hobbyists, is the enthusiasm to share their experience.

Why We Travel is a podcast created to help travelers and expats share their travel experience to a budding community of travel enthusiasts. The podcast broadcasts to a community of travelers who love to hear the experiences of others like them and share their experiences as well. Every week, the Why We Travel podcast features interviews and conversations with incredible travelers from around the world. People tuning in can listen to their unique travel experiences and get real insider tips about their favorite destinations.

“Whether you’re an experienced world nomad or just getting started, this podcast will inspire you, improve your travel skills, change the way you travel, and motivate you to get out and see the world,” commented Claus Lauter, Host and Producer of the Why We Travel podcast. “I invite everyone to discover the art of independent travel and meet fellow travelers in our online community. We’re dedicated to helping you explore the world on your terms. We believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all travel experience, and we want to share our stories with people who are interested in learning more about the world.”

The Why We Travel podcast is only an extension of an online community created by Claus Lauter for travelers. In the Why We Travel community, travelers come together to meet and support one another, explore new destinations, share knowledge, get inspired, learn from travel experts, and much more. Community members often share travel tricks and tips, offering recommendations to other members on issues such as flight tickets, places to visit, hotels, restaurants, etc. based on their experiences.

Speaking about the Why We Travel community, Claus Lauter had this to say, “Here at Why We Travel, we want to inspire YOU, improve your travel skills, change the way you travel, and motivate you to get out and see the world. Why We Travel is an inclusive community intended to meet up with like-minded travelers. This is your safe place for actively discussing all things related to travel. Join discussions, ask for advice and view exclusive conversations for travelers when you sign up today. And the best part is that it's free.”

The Why We Travel podcast and community is the go-to platform for all things travel. To be a part of the podcast and share your travel experience with the community, log on to for details.

About Claus Lauter

Claus Lauter is a self-proclaimed travel addict who's been to over 60 countries and counting. He thrives on exploring new countries, cities, and cultures. Because of his curiosity, he likes to wander off the beaten path and usually heads right when everyone else is going left. Claus set up the Why We Travel podcast and community to help travel enthusiasts connect with each other, share their experiences, and learn from them.

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