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There are many different ways to work with the Why We Travel Podcast.

  • Free: Podcasts Interviews with individual travelers
  • Paid: Podcasts Interviews (B2C/B2B) incl. commercial promotion/offer/links (products/services)
  • Podcast Sponsorships & Advertising
  • Brand Placements
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Community Outreach
  • FAM Trips / Press Trips
  • Reviews of Hotels / Restaurants / Gear / Books

Download the detailed Advertising/Sponsorship Rate Sheet for more information here.

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We will ONLY accept sponsorships from projects, products, or businesses associated with travel-related topics and reserve the right to refuse any application that is not a good fit.

After receiving your form, we will reach out to notify you if your sponsorship has been accepted and get any additional information we need.

Once the sponsorship is confirmed, we will send you an invoice for the full amount of the sponsorship. This invoice must be paid one week before the first date selected for sponsorship, or the sponsorship will not be included.