Podcast Guest Application

The Why We Travel Podcast is always looking for guests with helpful, entertaining content.

Read more to learn about our guests and apply to be on the show.

Guidelines – What we look for in a Podcast Guest

Most episodes feature interviews with someone who has traveled to, lived at, or written about a particular destination or had a remarkable travel experience e.g. an overland trip on a motorcycle.

Pitch a destination or experience. Our goal is to provide travelers with useful advice and inspiration. We aren’t interested in just discussing your new book or service/product. If you want to promote your product or service head over to our sponsorship page for details.

Ideally, you should be someone who has spent some time in the destination recently. Having only been to a place for three days won’t make you an insider.

Typically, we record several weeks ahead, so your episode may not be released for several weeks.

It is important that you have a decent microphone, headphones, and webcam for recording at a high-quality audio/video level.

Typically, episodes are around 30 minutes long, though recording can take up to 45 minutes.

You do not need to be an “expert” or published author to be interviewed. The experience you have is valuable. Guests are selected based on their relevance to the topic.

We ask that you listen to a few episodes before completing the application.

We will contact you within a week or two of receiving your application. Thank you for your understanding if we can’t schedule you at this time. Our team will keep your name on file for future episodes.

Fill out the application below to be considered as a guest on the Why We Travel Podcast.