In this episode, we talk with Cristina about how moving abroad opened her eyes and made her value her home town and country more.

We talk about:

  • Why did moving to the UK make Cristina appreciate Malaga and Spain more?
  • How did joining language exchanges help Cristina in the UK?
  • What did Cristina miss about home, like the sunny weather and meeting friends easily?
  • How did living abroad inspire Cristina to explore more of Spain?
  • What misconceptions did British people have about Spanish culture?
  • How can travelers get an authentic experience in popular Spanish spots like Costa del Sol?
  • Why do Spaniards move abroad to improve their English and job prospects?
  • What are some must-see attractions and foods in Malaga?
  • Why does Cristina recommend visiting Malaga in October?
  • Where can people find more travel tips about Malaga on Cristina’s blog?


Cristina ReinaAbout our guest: Cristina is a travel writer and content creator from Southern Spain. She is also the founder of My Little World of Travelling, a blog that helps travellers discover Malaga, her home town, and Southern Spain like a local by providing insider tips and advice.

You can learn more about Cristina at

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